About Jularee

(and Rita)


Who would have thought that an educational technology specialist (a.k.a. computer teacher) would do an about face and start creating handmade jewelry? How does that happen?


It’s not as much of a stretch as it seems. I grew up in a creative family. We crocheted, embroidered, sewed, and more. Always making, I stumbled into French beaded flowers and turned that into jewelry making.


In 2009, as I began to think about leaving education (retiring), I found Etsy. I was selling jewelry at work and so I decided to try selling online. My business name, Jularee, originated as a fancy spelling of the word “jewelry” but recently, for no particular reason, it has taken on a “French” pronounciation (I’m not French).


Fast forward to today… I retired in 2012 and when I’m not working on Jularee, I’m gardening, cooking, and taking care of our 11 chickens. I also love to read, write, and travel.


I design and make my jewelry in my home studio-office, in the Pinelands of South Jersey, USA. I take the photos, pack and ship the orders, and communicate with clients. My jewelry is sold in a local gift shop and I occasionally do a craft show, home show, or trunk show.


I love shopping for gemstones and crystals and am very picky. I order only from vendors who I trust to give me the “real thing”. I know that you want the “real thing”, too. I hope you’ll trust me to deliver genuine gemstone and crystal jewelry, handmade by me especially for you.


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