…has been a one-woman show since its creation in 2009.

All of the jewelry is designed and crafted especially for you by Rita Riebel Mitchell in her home studio.

Every piece is made with high quality materials and meticulous attention to detail so you can feel confident and beautiful. The natural gemstones are sourced from trusted gem dealers and lapidaries. Almost all of the sterling silver and solid copper metals are made in the USA.

Living in the Pinelands of South Jersey, Rita has lots of inspiration. Being surrounded by the trees, the native plants, and the wildlife, gives her a respect for the earth and a love of nature. Her research of gemstone history and lore is shared with you on every description so you can choose stones that will not only look great but could help to enhance your life with positive and protective energies.

Taking the natural, rustic and simplistic approach to design, Rita brings an uncluttered look and minimalist style to her jewelry.

Jewelry by Jularee will not overwhelm you but will accent you, bringing out your personal beauty and energy.

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