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Casually Elegant Gemstone and Wire Jewelry


Jewelry by Jularee is designed for the down-to-earth, confident woman who likes to be a little different.


Gemstones from around the world are infused with positive energy and incorporated into unique, handcrafted pieces that will enhance your look and your life.


Minimalist and classy or rustic and a bit bohemian, our uncomplicated jewelry designs will accent you without overpowering.


Choose Jularee.

Wear Jularee.

Love Jularee.

Dirty Jewelry…. Ewwwww!

Have you looked at your favorite silver necklace lately? I mean really looked at it? If you’ve been wearing it a lot this summer, it probably looks different than it did a few months ago. It’s probably tarnished and dirty. Dirty jewelry… Ewww!  ...

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Cleanse and Re-energize Your Gemstones

I love my gemstones because… They are beautiful. Natural gemstones are from the Earth. They have energy. Gemstone Energy From ancient times, gemstones and crystals were believed to hold energy. Romans used crystals to heal themselves, to protect themselves in...

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