Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry

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Handcrafted birthstone, chakra, and wire jewelry created for simplicity and balance.


Jewelry by Jularee is designed for the down-to-earth, confident woman who wants to be a little different.


Gemstones from around the world are infused with positive energy and incorporated into unique, handcrafted pieces that match your style and bring balance to your life. Minimalist and classy or rustic and a bit bohemian, our uncomplicated jewelry designs will accent you without overpowering.


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The Pearl: A Gift from Nature

The pearl has been valued for centuries for its beauty. Elegant stones that are created by nature, white pearls signify innocence and purity. Most often found in shades of white and ivory, pearls can be gray, black, lavender, pink, or green as well. Each color holds a...

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Have you been to my Etsy Shop lately?

Jularee's Etsy Shop is "On a Break" Jularee's Etsy Shop is "on a break" for an indefinite time. When you go to Jularee on Etsy you will see this. The text on the website reads: "Jularee is on an extended break. Subscribe to find out more....

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