…so to speak.

Here’s the story. I’ll try to make it brief, but no promises.

Way back in 2007, I was a full-time computer teacher and a part-time magazine writer. I mainly wrote on educational technology topics but I wanted to branch out and write for kids. After two of my children’s articles and one short story were published,¬†I was on my way.

At that time, several of the pre-teen and teen girl magazines listed “how-to” articles in their needs, so I thought I’d write one. I picked jewelry as the topic but although I am crafty, I had no clue about jewelry making. I found a beginning jewelry-maker¬†course taught by a local silver smith. After seven weeks of twisting, turning, cutting, sawing, and finally, soldering, I was hooked on this new activity.

By 2009, I was selling jewelry to friends and giving it as gifts to family. I created Jularee as a small business, primarily so I could sell at craft shows and buy gemstones from wholesale vendors.

Today handcrafted jewelry by Jularee is sold in an Etsy shop and in a local boutique. Perhaps you’ve seen my pieces. If not, check them out and tell me which are your favorites in the comments.


Click here to visit Jularee on Etsy


P.S. Maybe this year I’ll finally write that “how-to” article… now that I know “how to”.