Is there a connection between gemstones and Chakras?

When I started making gemstone jewelry a few years ago, I found myself gravitating to opaque gemstones: jasper, tiger eye, and lapis lazuli, to name a few. Much to my surprise, they all have fascinating histories and are believed to have metaphysical properties. Linking this to my recent study of the Chakras, I found that many gemstones play a significant role in balancing the Chakras and improving a person’s life.

In a previous post, I gave a basic overview of the seven primary Chakras. Each governs a particular area of the body and is activated by different colors.

Gemstones are also associated with the seven Chakras. Wearing or carrying gemstones is believed to stimulate or stabilize the corresponding energy centers (Chakras) of the ethereal** body.

The chart below lists the seven primary Chakras and a few of the gemstones that are associated with each. Upon further research you will find many others. Notice that some stones will work with more than one Chakra.

1st – the ROOT Chakra – (red) ruby, garnet, red jasper

2nd – the SACRAL Chakra – (orange) carnelian, citrine, topaz

3rd – the SOLAR PLEXUS – (yellow) tiger eye, amber, citrine

4th – the HEART Chakra – (green or pink) emerald, peridot, adventurine,rose quartz

5th – the THROAT Chakra – (blue) blue lace agate, turquoise, aquamarine

6th – the BROW or THIRD EYE Chakra – (indigo) sodalite, lapis lazuli, kyanite

7th – the CROWN Chakra – (violet) amethyst, lepidolite, quartz

It is recommended that the gemstones touch the skin to be most effective. Accomplish this by wearing a gemstone bracelet or necklace.

**Ethereal is defined as celestial or spiritual.