Do you wear gemstones while gardening?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t get dressed up to spend time digging in the dirt.

I wear my oldest sweats or shorts, a coffee-stained tee shirt, and flip-flops. I pull my hair up into a messy ponytail and go outside sans makeup. So the idea of wearing jewelry while I work in my garden or repotting my house plants seems somewhat ludicrous.

But apparently…

Gemstones and crystal have been used in gardening for thousands of years.

It is believed that some gemstones:

  • should be worn while gardening
  • will benefit your plants if you hang them in or near your garden
  • when “planted” in your garden promote growth and fertility

Which stones to use and how to use them…

Garden Gemstones by Jularee -

Garden Gemstones

Here are some of your options:

Moss Agate or Tree Agate (Dendritic Agate) are the best of the gardening stones. They were used by the Ancient Greeks to insure a good harvest. These are green stones that you should wear while gardening for increased strength, stamina, and being attuned to your plants. Hang Dendritic Agate on tree branches or suspended in your garden for the health and abundance of your crops.

Green Aventurine is said to block negative energy. Place several stones around the stem of your plant on the top of the soil.

 Black onyx and other dark colored stones are believed to keep pests away from your plants. I don’t know if they’d work on deer, but maybe it would repel something smaller such as insects. I’ll be trying this one in my organic garden.

Tourmaline is another crystal that is thought to be a natural insecticide when placed in the garden.

Clear quartz crystals can be used in many ways. I found a few suggestions in an article by Erick Kristian on

  • Place quartz crystals in the corners of your garden and a large crystal in the center.
  • Soak quartz crystals in water for an hour in the sun and use the water to mist or water the plants.
  • Bury a crystal near the roots of an unhealthy plant.

“Seriously?” you say.

Yes. Let’s do this. Let’s plant some gemstones.

It will be our experiment.

You don’t have a garden?

It’s okay. Houseplants will do.

You kill every plant you bring in to your apartment?

This experiment is perfect for you! Buy a small plant and add a few gemstones and see what happens. (You will still have to water it.)

You don’t own any of these gemstones?

Don’t worry. You can find them online or at a local gem and rock store. Most of them are inexpensive and are available as tumbled stones so you don’t have to buy jewelry. Just put a stone in your pocket or in the dirt.

But I want jewelry. Where can I find gemstone jewelry?

At a craft show or handcraft boutique or at Jularee, of course.

As for me…

Today when I head out to my garden, I’ll wear my green tree agate bracelet. And I’ll tie a few clear quartz crystals to the fence. I’m hoping it will turn my somewhat green thumb even greener. I’ll let you know.

Clear Quartz Crystals from Rita's personal collection -

Clear Quartz Crystals

Read more about it…

Want to know more about planting your gemstones? Click on the links below.



What are your thoughts?

Have you ever gardened with gemstones? If not, are you willing to try it? Tell me about it in the comments so we can compare notes.