Even though it’s still rather chilly, I’m ready for the warmer weather. Have you noticed spring and summer fashions popping up online and in stores, catalogs, and magazines? With summer right around the corner, it’s so tempting to start shopping today but…

There’s no need to rush. Take a deep breath, relax, and do a little planning before you buy.


Spring and Summer Fashion Colors

Pantone, the international authority on color and color standards, released their Fashion Color Report for Spring-Summer 2017, last September. Manufacturers have been working on their clothing lines for months. Now it’s time for us to decide which of the new colors are our favorites.

Spring and Summer Colors

Purge Before You Shop

Before you spend a penny on clothes for the new seasons, clean out your closet. Purge anything that has stains or damages. You aren’t really going to wear it around the house, are you?

Pull out pieces that don’t fit or are uncomfortable or that you just don’t like as much as you thought you would. Donate them at places like Purple Heart, the Salvation Army, or a local church. Sell them at a flea market or yard sale. Consign them at a local shop or online through companies like ThredUp.

Where does it go after you donate? The Afterlife of Cheap Clothes.


Take Inventory

You might already own a few items in the new color palette. Keep those items in mind when you are creating new outfits.

Count your clothing. How many pairs of pants, skirts, dresses, tops are already in your closet? Consider your lifestyle. Be honest about your needs and wants. Make a list before you shop.


Ready, Set, Shop!

Accessories like scarves, belts, jewelry, and handbags will get you lots of extra miles from those favorites in your closet. Add a couple of tops, a jacket and a pair of pants in the new colors and you’ll have a whole new wardrobe!


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